• Working at MIC B Labs means that you are absolutely special with your unique technical skills & we stand along with you in support of your innovative outlook. We value your principles & values and help you in showcasing your hidden talent. Working here means you will have lots of opportunities to meet audiences globally. The healthy environment motivates & inspires to develop more and more. Mic B Labs is the perfect place for the dedicated enthusiasts who yearn to learn something innovative every day.
  • MIC B Labs is a growing platform for new aspirants stuffed with the knowledge to explore new & unique ideas. We do not restrict you to assigned tasks but we give you the opportunity to scratch, imagine and develop in your own ways.
  • MIC B Labs is a global IT startup which deals in IT services, digital and business solutions that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses to the next level.

MICTech B Labs introduces a stage to exhibit technical software skills for the aspirants who want to earn a place in the IT industry. With us, you get the freedom to share your advanced & innovative thoughts. You get the liberty to implement your ideas with our enhanced guidance.

With MIC Tech B Labs, we provide a flexible working environment so that your talent can blossom and you can deliver your best. The work setting present will uplift your attitude as a team member.


MIC Tech Business labs offers an exciting place to learn something new everyday & utilize your skills in the best way to develop both, the company as well as your personality. The cool work experience is everything you need.


Graphic Designer

UX/UI Designer

Back-end Developer

Full Stack Developer

Android Developer

iOS Developer

Company Representative

Digital Marketing Executive

Customer Service Representative

Content Writer

Cloud Expert

Data Scientist

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